Wheelchair programs provide mobility to the poor.The Malawi Project has joined hands with a number of groups to deliver over 3,500 wheelchairs to Malawi. The joint effort with the Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM) in Irvine, California alone have delivered over 3,000 wheelchairs since 2005. These chairs are especially adapted for rural, difficult terrain, and are easily repaired in the host environment.

In order to encourage self-reliance, self-respect, and personal responsibil- ity, the Malawi Project has sought the help of local Malawi hospitals, commu- nity based organizations, government agencies, prisons, churches, and other agencies to take responsibility to distribute, oversee, and assist the handicapped with their mobility needs. These organizations present the needs to Malawi organizers, and each need is fulfilled after research as to its authenticity, need, and availability of wheelchairs. Follow up visits and subsequent assistance is given as the need is evaluated, and resources become available. When the Malawians themselves carry out these programs, there is a far greater degree of respon- sibility, success and personal owner- ship than when outside agencies handle the program for them. The Malawi Project is proud of its partner- ship with Malawi groups who are successfully executing the wheelchair program in their country.