The climate of Malawi varies widely because of the terrain. Near the lake, the mean annual temperature is 75 F (24 C). In general, the seasons are divided into the cool season, from May to mid-August; the hot period, from mid-August to November; and the rainy time, from November to April. Lilongwe, in the central region, with an elevation of 3,415 feet (1040m), has a moderately warm climate with adequate rainfall. November, the hottest month, has temperatures ranging from 63 F to 84 F (17-29 C). The coolest month, July, has a temperature range of 45 F to 73 F (7-23 C).

The predominant vegetation of Malawi is the savannah woodland. Evergreen forests are found in places where ground water is plentiful, such as the river valleys and mountains. Grasslands are mainly found on the high plateau regions.

Lake Malawi, the twelth largest fresh water lake in the world, borders the lowlands and marks the boundary east side of the nation.