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Action for Progress Recognizes Students


Sankhani Primary School, Malawi … The Sankhani School has 1,335 students and is located just east of the Action for Progress distribution center west of Lilongwe. Each day children see the trucks coming and going, delivering needed supplies free to hospitals, clinics, prisons, schools, churches, and community groups all over the nation. These are supplies…

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Second of Three Containers in one Month

Shipment of supplies

A sign of relief arose from the group as Ken Keene, a newly appointed bookkeeper for the Malawi Project, attached the seal to the back door and signaled the time had come for the driver to pull away with the trailer contents, heading back to Chicago and the beginning of the 9,000-mile trip to Malawi.

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Community Rallies in Support

Trailer loading volunteers

Lebanon, Indiana … The central Indiana community of Lebanon has been viewed as a sleepy bedroom community for the larger capital city to its south, Indianapolis. While Indianapolis had a metropolitan population of more than two million in 2020, Lebanon was home to just over 16,000. Although much smaller in number, Lebanon’s outpouring of support…

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A woman hoeing

Roadblocks to Progress Lilongwe, Malawi … Many well-intentioned people see the extreme poverty in emerging nations and believe a simple solution exists. All it takes, they conclude, is sufficient funding. This nagging problem will dissolve if enough money is raised. After all, that has been the answer to many problems in the west! But, in…

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Volunteers helping to load supplies

Indianapolis, Indiana … Over the years story after story have reflected the fortitude of the people of Malawi as they travel, often walking great distances. As the expression goes, “The road goes both directions,” meaning both sides in the equation have the same journey, just in opposite directions.  While Malawians travel long distances, the same was true…

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Lilongwe, Malawi … In recent weeks three forty-foot shipping containers arrived at the Lilongwe Distribution Hub delivering large amounts of critically needed supplies. Offloading was handled by Action for Progress, the not-for-profit partner organization to the Malawi Project. It’s executive director, Wilson Tembo, has worked with the Malawi Project since 1999, and in 2018 assisted in the…

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Supplies filling up shipping container

Lebanon, Indiana … With the coronavirus just beginning to gain a foothold in Malawi, and with the lack of medical protective supplies, support staff, and hospital beds, one can conclude the people there are facing a critical situation.  Shipments of medical supplies will be arriving at the Action for Progress distribution hub in the next…

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Textbooks arrive in Malawi

Lilongwe, Malawi … Over the next few days two shipping containers funded and shipped by the Malawi Project will be offloaded at the new distribution hub west of Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi. It will then be in the hands of Wilson Tembo, executive director of our sister organization, Action for Progress, and his…

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Boys in a classroom

Ntchisi, Malawi … The central region community that bears its name is the capital of the Ntchisi District of Malawi. Listed at number 16 out of a total of 28 districts, Ntchisi has a population of 317,069 people (2018 census), within its borders of 1,709 square kilometers (659.8486 square miles). Farming and farm products make up…

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Reaching its Final Resting Place Lilongwe, Malawi … There was no going away party, no gold watch, and not even a single tear shed. TC left the Mobility Ministries production facility in Demotte, Indiana on March 26, filled with 158 adult-sized mobility carts, 78 child carts, 50 boxes of books and tools, and 12,000 pounds…

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