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Almost Half are Under 14!

portion of the 5,000 orphan children gathered at the Mponela Trading Center a few years ago to receive food during the intense famine

0-14 years:  45.87% (male 4,843,107/female 4,878,983)        =      9,722,090 15-24 years:  20.51% (male 2,151,417/female 2,195,939)     =          4,347,356 25-54 years:  27.96% (male 2,944,936/female 2,982,195)     =        5,927,131 55-64 years:  2.98% (male 303,803/female 328,092)              =         631,895 65 years and over:  2.68% (male 249,219/female 318,938)  =             568,157 Pictured are a portion of the 5,000 orphan children gathered at the Mponela Trading Center a few years ago to receive food during the intense famine. FacebookTwitterLinkedin

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Action for Progress Recognizes Students


Sankhani Primary School, Malawi … The Sankhani School has 1,335 students and is located just east of the Action for Progress distribution center west of Lilongwe. Each day children see the trucks coming and going, delivering needed supplies free to hospitals, clinics, prisons, schools, churches, and community groups all over the nation. These are supplies…

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Retirement Does Not Mean “Stop”

Doug McDonald

Doug McDonald retired a few years ago from the restaurant business. It would have been easy for him to retreat to an easy chair, thinking his most productive days are behind him. Not so with Doug. If anything, he has speeded up his activities since retirement!

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Out for a Test Drive

Jim Messenger tests a BUV

The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 is a mid-engine grand touring car. The Super Sport version is the fastest road-legal car in the world, with a top speed of almost 270 miles per hour. How amazing would it be to test drive a brand-new experimental car like that of the Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4?  At that speed a better phrase might…

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A woman hoeing

Roadblocks to Progress Lilongwe, Malawi … Many well-intentioned people see the extreme poverty in emerging nations and believe a simple solution exists. All it takes, they conclude, is sufficient funding. This nagging problem will dissolve if enough money is raised. After all, that has been the answer to many problems in the west! But, in…

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People walking

Mbeya Village, Malawi … “I remember when we first arrived in Malawi two things that were most amazing to me,” observes Richard Stephens, a co-founder of the Malawi Project.  “One was the bamboo huts that constituted the homes of most of the village population, and second was the number of people walking. I later learned the average…

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Jessie, Suzi and Cheryl transferring supplies for Malawi

Chicago, Illinois … The December morning was cold, overcast, and near freezing with the possibility of icing on the roadway. In spite of these conditions, the cars left southern Wisconsin and central Indiana in order to meet south of Chicago and transfer large bags filled with supplies for Malawi.  The bags included over 150 back-packs for…

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Easther Masati

The Plight of Esther Masayiti How would you describe your feelings when everything that you can do to overcome an obstacle is still not enough? Depression, despondency, despair? Perhaps all three? That has been the question and plight of Esther Masayiti from Mitundu, a village just a short distance from Malawi’s capital city of Lilongwe.…

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A big pile of U.S. currency

Indianapolis, Indiana … In recent weeks the U.S. has been alarmingly awakened with race relations problems caused by the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As marches for justice sprung up around the country, another problem appeared at the same time. This problem is greed. Linked with the marches taking place in city…

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Brian Mhango

Blantyre, Malawi … “A lot of people who are much older than me go back to secondary school. All that matters is what one wants to achieve in life and then be geared to achieving it. This mobility unit is the stepping-stone I needed to move towards my destiny,” said Brian Mhango as he talked with members…

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