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The Impact of COVID-19 on Malawi

             by Johnthan Ngoma, MD Internal MedicineHospital DirectorKamuzu Central HospitalLilongwe, Malawi Since the outbreak of COVID-19 health systems worldwide have been overwhelmed. In Malawi, (a very poor country in the southern part of Africa), the devastation has been even more intense. Malawi has a very poor health system with the following problems: High illiteracy levels…

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Walmart Donates Protective Face Masks

Plainfield, Indiana … If you were told the donation equals 20% of the entire population of Malawi over the age of 24 would that get your attention?  One can hardly imagine the excitement when the offer was extended. The Indianapolis Distribution Center for Walmart had experienced an over-supply of protective face masks. They were offering…

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View Through the Eyes of a Doctor

I drive to my workplace, but my clients walk from their homes, going up and down some hills and valleys to the clinic. Some have to leave their homes as early as 4:30 a.m. in order to arrive at the clinic at 8:00 a.m.

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Big Blue Barrels of Bleach

Blue barrels of bleach

The government has sent a large supply of bleach to every tier one, and all of the nation’s 28 district hospitals. These hospitals are centrally located in each of Malawi’s districts, so the distribution of bleach has gone nationwide.

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Jerry Saw Opportunity Everywhere

Jerry Winstead reviewing supplies in Malawi

We met Jerry Winstead when he made his first trip to Malawi. He was a church elder and worked closely with Smith Howell, also an elder at the Goodman Oaks Church of Christ in Southaven, Mississippi. Both were committed supporters of the work in Malawi. Smith was older than Jerry and when we met, Smith…

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Key officials only were invited to avoid overcrowding

Lilongwe, Malawi … “I experienced an overwhelming shock when I saw patient after patient-facing infections from contamination in the very medical facilities they had entered for relief,” observes Suzi Stephens RN, the Malawi Project’s Medical Director. She recalls her 1993 exposure to Malawi’s medical situation, “I saw conditions that were often worse than those that had caused…

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Mount Mulanje

Mulanje, Malawi … As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads rapidly across the nation, Action for Progress is trying to keep up with the demand by quickly delivering PPE, (Personal Protective Equipment), supplies to a number of hospitals. Faced with a critical shortage of these supplies, the medical personnel in Malawi must confront a possible disaster of…

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Supplies handover

Blantyre, Malawi … No sooner are current charts of anticipated and positive cases of the Coronavirus posted on the web site than they are obsolete, and the number has jumped upward. From April 1, when the first three cases appeared in the country, the run up has passed 30,000 suspected cases, and 4,000 confirmed cases.…

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Malawi Media Houses covered the function

Lilongwe, Malawi … It is not unusual for the Malawi news media to send reporters and photographers to cover the distribution of supplies to Malawi schools and hospitals. With over 9 trailers, or their equivalent, in supplies reaching Malawi, since February 5, or on the way, and a distribution network of over 1,000 government schools…

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Mzuzu, Malawi … The nation of Malawi is living under an increasing intensity of fear and pressure because of the rapidly increasing number of COVID -19 cases. A recent contribution of PPE supplies from America is making an impact.  With its recent arrival at the Lilongwe distribution hub Action for Progresstraveled to Mzuzu to deliver supplies, including…

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