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Mobility Unit Unlocks an Important Door

Group with Mobility

Senior Chief Chilowa Matambe’s Headquarters, Malawi … The vehicles moving quickly through the Malawi countryside brought the attention of passerby’s as they hastily made their way to their pre-arranged destination. Many could only wonder where they were going in such a hurry. Yet one could almost surmise their purpose since the front vehicle was loaded…

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“This Thing is Awesome!”

The new bike prototype is the brainchild of Will Austin, the founder of the Institute for Affordable Transportation, an Indianapolis non-profit, a charitable group that constructs basic utility vehicles for emerging nations around the world.

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Retirement Does Not Mean “Stop”

Doug McDonald

Doug McDonald retired a few years ago from the restaurant business. It would have been easy for him to retreat to an easy chair, thinking his most productive days are behind him. Not so with Doug. If anything, he has speeded up his activities since retirement!

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Reach Out to Them Too

Mobility units in Malawi

Masinde Village, Blantyre, Malawi … The team arrived at the Chigalu School early in the morning. The vehicle was packed with mobility units destined for the physically challenged. The community came together to witness the event. It was not like it is in other parts of the world, where a person receiving a means with…

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Ezelina Sings a New Song

Ezelina's home village

Mzuzu, Malawi … It was a warm, pleasant Malawi day when Ezelina Mvula made her way to the Jomo Road church building. She had heard from a church member that this congregation was one of the locations where Action for Progress was distributing mobility units.  Ezelina had a particular reason for this trip down Jomo…

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For Some it is “Just Impossible!”

Chemwemwe Chelewani

Malawi, Central Africa … Early on our first trip to Malawi we realized there were expressions or terminology that did not translate well into another language or culture.  I don’t mean the language itself; English, Chewa, French, Tumbuka, or German, I mean what words or expressions mean. Here is an example.   During those first years our…

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People walking

Mbeya Village, Malawi … “I remember when we first arrived in Malawi two things that were most amazing to me,” observes Richard Stephens, a co-founder of the Malawi Project.  “One was the bamboo huts that constituted the homes of most of the village population, and second was the number of people walking. I later learned the average…

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Men unloading supplies from a truck in the rain

Lilongwe, Malawi … Imagine having to carry a trailer load of boxes totaling 39,000 pounds through the mud. Then imagine doing it in less than 2 hours. Thirty-Nine Thousand pounds is the total weight in many of the shipping containers going to Malawi. Two hours is the length of time the shipping firm allows for…

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