GIving Tuesday

It arrives on Tuesday the 29th of November, Giving Tuesday. Having originated in 2012 this movement has spread around the world. Millions have become involved, and it has become one of the biggest giving days of the year.

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, we are seeking your support in three ways.

One, we need your financial help. The needs in Malawi are now among the highest in the history of the Malawi Project. Damage from a devastating typhon, disastrous crop shortages, and medical supply emergencies call for help like never before.   

Two, we need you to tell others about this unique program of assistance. We are asking that you copy this message to your Facebook, or other social media sites, and in this way help introduce the Project to others.

Three, we are asking you to work with us. We have the Baby Pack Program, the Year of Involvement, Kids Helping Kids, Hand Tools for Malawi, and several other ways to assist. Write for a packet of literature with which you can introduce the Malawi Project to others, or groups, who may also have a desire to assist.

Review the Malawi Project web site at:

Write for information on how to get involved:

Make a financial contribution at:

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