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Shoes for Grades – Katamba Primary School

Katamba Primary School, Zomba, Malawi … It is estimated world-wide there are 215 million children trapped in child labor, and 115 million in hazardous work including, slavery, armed conflict, drug-trafficking and other illegal activities. The world community recently observed World International Labor Day, and used this time to highlight the plight of child workers, and …

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Shoes for Grades – Thondwe Primary School

Thondwe, Zomba, Malawi … “This is the second time in the past year you have helped the kids in this school. Earlier this year, we received textbooks. This is the first gift of its kind since the School opened in 1924”, noted the second deputy head teacher with excitement that could be easily read from …

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Schoolboy gets shoes for good grades

More Shoes for Grades

Zomba, Malawi … It is summer and October is the hottest month. Walking through hot sand, over rocks and burning dust, pupils go to school with their feet nearly baked from the hot sun. Many pupils walk back and forth to school each day barefoot. One cannot imagine how terrible this is, but for many …

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Incentive Programs

The Malawi Project strives to build sustainable programs and strives to reduce the dependency of Malawians. We do this by coupling our programs with incentives to reach program objectives as well as create an environment where Malawians take responsibility for program goals and eventually run the programs. Incentive Shoe Programs The Shoes for Trees and …

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Forest Fire Spawns Tree Planting Program

Malawi, Central Africa … It all started with a disastrous fire in a managed forest in northern Malawi ten years ago. A careless employee had left a fire unattended, and a very destructive wild fire followed.  The businessman who employed the careless worker was held responsible. He approached the Malawi Project with an idea, and …

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