From time to time major news outlets focus on the financial activities of not-for-profit organizations. As a trust of the community of contributors, there are times when careful scrutiny is merited. Organizations should be open to scrutiny by contributors being willing to explain their spending, especially when it comes to the officials and board who determine the group’s financial relationships.

Financial accountability is a very high priority of the Malawi Project ever since its inception, and it remains at the top of the list. One question that is often asked is, “How much do the officers and board members receive in compensation for their work?”

When it comes to the subject of funding for board and member payroll the Malawi Project comes in with an A+. No one on the board, including officers and volunteer workers, are compensated with salaries from Project donations. All board members pay their own travel and work expenses from personal funds outside the Malawi Project treasury.

This directive that no board members receive a salary, or specific compensation for their work, was actually written into the by-laws for the Project in the very beginning. To this day it continues to ensure an all-volunteer U. S. based organization.

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