Wheelchair programs provide mobility to the poor.

The Malawi Project conducts programs in a number of areas that cover nearly every walk of life.


The reader will find programs in drip irrigation, crop storage, famine relief, and the development of mechanized tractors specifically designed for this part of the world with its unique soil and moisture conditions.


In this area the interest will shift to the education of children and adults. From pens, pencils and paper in government schools, the focus turns to textbooks, libraries, and the development of church and community leaders.


Whether building a hospital or clinic, restoring a neglected government medical facility, or sending supplies that include everything from band-aids to burn ointment, dialysis machines to x-ray equipment, wheelchairs to walkers, and mobility units to ambulances.


The Project focuses on developing programs that offer community participation, leadership development, and local responsibility. Rather than create a dependency on the supplies being sent, care is given to call for Malawi participation that make the programs a joint effort rather than a “give away.” Training is conducted in a number of areas, and programs are tailored to groups that step forward to take responsible action.


In an effort to assist Malawi in the restoration of large tracts of lost trees, harvested for heat, cooking, and building, the Project focuses on using donated commodities, such as large numbers of shoes, as an incentive to plant trees to obtain shoes. Other incentive programs for adults and children are tailored to the need and the donated items.


Whether it is the mobility-impaired who need a means of income, those who are seeking reliable transportation, or the development of efficient methods for moving vegetables from field to market, the MP is testing different ways mobility units and/or bicycles with small wagons can be employed to overcome some of these transpiration and logistical problems.

Be The Change

While many organizations focus on an outward objective, the Malawi Project recognizes the opportunity to help others has a great benefit on both sides of the ocean, not just for its destination. The Kids Helping Kids Program is a major example of young people getting involved in helping others, and in cooperation with the Project learning the value and importance of their contributions.

For more in-depth information on programs sponsored and supported by the Malawi Project go to the Flyer section of this website.

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