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The success of these programs depends on your financial contributions. Success brings opportunities, and the Malawi Project is becoming more successful each year.

Because of the volunteer efforts by those working with the Malawi Project in the U.S. and Action for Progress in Malawi, the cost of administration is well below the national average for non-profit groups. There are no expenses for offices, vehicles or travel expense for the Project team in the U. S. Most contributions come, not from large corporate sponsors, but from individuals and small groups sending $50.00 to $250.00.

New opportunities face us in the upcoming months and years. To meet these goals will call for your participation.

You can help by sending a check, money order or contribution online. We hope you will consider an ongoing monthly contribution to help us plan for the future.

You can donate to the Malawi Project by check, money order or through Pay Pal online. Please click on an option below, or mail your check to:

Malawi Project Inc.
2421 Golfside Drive
Lebanon, IN 46052-8176

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