People often look at Malawi Project and feel it is so successful additional funding is not needed. This is far from true. The sites look good because the services of the marketing staff, agency and artist do their work free of charge. Large amounts of supplies are sent because of the generosity of major contributors.

There is not a single paid employee on the U.S. side. All funds go to support projects. U.S. offices and vehicles are freely supplied by members of the Board of Directors.

This said, far more supplies are offered than there is funding to ship them. There are far greater opportunities than funding can currently accomplish. The more successful the Project, the more funding is needed. Please consider a contribution, even a small amount, each month all through the year.

You can donate to the Malawi Project by check, money order or through Pay Pal online. Please click on an option below, or mail your check to:

Malawi Project Inc.
3314 Van Tassel Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46240-3555




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