Be the Change

    “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi quotes (Indian Philosopher, internationally esteemed. 1869-1948)

It seems to be part of human spirit to desire to accomplish noble acts, to be the change, to inspire others to greatness. A fireman rushes into a burning building to rescue a mother and child. A soldier jumps between his comrade and a dangerous land mine. A child climbs a tree to rescue a pet cat. In every walk of life people seek to find ways to be needed, to be important to others, to accomplish things that will benefit mankind. The noble accomplishments of people making a difference, of doing those things that help others, of reaching beyond themselves to serve others is seen nearly every day in a thousand little ways through those who serve the people of Malawi from other parts of the world.

Being the change is seen in Andy at his lemon-aid stand working to persuade his neighbors to send thousands of pairs of shoes to the children of Malawi. His work brought over 1,000 pairs of shoes to the people of Malawi.

Being the change is evident in the commitment of a young man with cerebral palsy who has spent the past 6 years with a committed and determined focus of sending raisins and other needed commodities to the children of Malawi. His efforts inspired the Dole Food Company to ship an entire 40-foot trailer of raisins to Malawi.

Being the change is evident when the children in an entire school committed themselves to obtaining soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. Trunk after trunk after trunk were filled with the results of their effort. Thousands in Malawi will have soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste that would not have otherwise been blessed with these items.

Being the change is a small boy choosing not to spend his allowance on himself but giving his grandfather the $3.00 allowance so the children of Malawi can have something to eat. Being the change is when a boy sacrifices, not just one of his many books for children in Malawi, but it is seen when he gives them his favorite book. Being the change is when a young woman makes a single quilt for someone in Malawi, and others catch her vision and prepare and send hundreds of quilts. Being the change is in a man’s work center where he produces bicycle carrier units for people he may never meet to get their supplies to and from a trading center deep in Africa.

The stories are many and the ones that appear in this section are only a small representation of the countless people who sacrifice themselves in serving the needs of the people of Malawi. Their stories will inspire you as you see their ingenuity, commitment and sacrifice in other to help others. They are being the change in order to bring about change.

Stories of those who are changing Malawi.

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