This 2-page, full color flyer gives an overview of the nation of Malawi.
If it is lion, hippo, or crocodile you want to see you will not be disappointed in Malawi. The system of national parks have a sufficient number of wild game, and exotic birds to give your camera a real work out. This flyer gives the names of the major game parks and names of animals you will see in Malawi.
Be careful, you will loose your heart to the warm and friendly children of Malawi. Whether you are challenged with a game of soccer or bargaining the purchase of a galimoto, these young people will make an impact on you that will last a lifetime. Read what childhood is like in one of the poorest nations in the world.
While portions of the nation are moving into a more western world in religion and culture, there is still the link to ancient cultures, religions, and tribal backgrounds. You don't want to miss the differences in the various tribal and cultural backgrounds that denote each portion of the country in its individual uniqueness to all others.
Unlike many nations where cities or landscape define their character, the village holds the #1 spot when it comes to reflecting the heartbeat of the culture. One can easily see life in the village as it has been for 500 years. Governed by Tribal Authority the village is the link that holds each family close to every other family living nearby.

The Malawi Project

Action For Progress

This flyer describes the close ties and commitment between Malawi Project and Action For Progress.


When weather conditions rob the land of its needed nourishment, or too much rain erases a village harvest before its time the Project moves from agricultural development to famine and food relief. This has happened two times the past 22 years and each time the Project changes from long-term production sustainability to more immediate food survival.
A critical need for health care assistance is evident throughout Malawi.


This 4-page flyer describes a 12 month program for schools, churches, scouting, or college groups to collect much needed everyday items for donation.
The 'Kids Helping Kids' program brings inspiring stories of individual young people who have set made a difference few adults could have imagined.
The Malawi Project appeals to churches, community groups, and individuals to rally their resources, and help change the critical shortfall of birthing and baby supplies for the mothers and babies of Malawi.
One can hardly imagine being a doctor, nurse, or first responder going into surgery or to an accident scene without any type of rubber glove protection from serious disease implications. However, all over Malawi every day this is a common scene. These brave people know the possible consequences but they also know their patients need them. Isn't it time we help them protect themselves from harm while they are protecting others?
You can help an individual or small business group in Malawi to become self-supporting through your donation of hand tools. Whether it is a relative new hand saw, hammer, pair of pliers, or a couple of screw drivers these simple tools can make a difference.
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