Program Reaches Unimaginable Height

Austin, Texas … “It seems like such a simple thing; a small plastic prescription container. We all have them and we all pretty well take them for granted,” observes Bryon Bhagwandin, President of the Malawi Project. “This is not the case in most impoverished nations especially nations like Malawi where income in the villages is little more than $100.00 a year. Here even a simple pill container is a cost neither the government can afford, nor the patient access. For thousands that are changing with the success of the Project’s Pill Container Collection Program.”

Between March 2015 and the present, the outpouring of support from across North America and beyond has resulted in a million prescription containers being collected and sent to Malawi. With the collection overflowing the Project’s warehouse capacity and the cost of approximately $15,000.00 that is involved in getting each 40-foot container of vials to Malawi the Board of Directors has signaled the conclusion of this program as a gigantic success.


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