A caterpillar of shipping container # TCNU 8453400 has been transformed into the beautiful butterfly that is the new Action For Progress administrative office.

Walkers and Canes Begin Trip

Over 100 walkers, plus a number of canes and crutches were recently donated by Mobility Ministries in Demotte, Indiana.  Additionally, dozens of mobility items have also been donated from the Lebanon, Indiana community.

Truck Purchase Completed

Before Malawi Project purchased new vehicles, sister organization Action for Progress was forced to rent vehicles for nation-wide supply distribution or depend on others to bring transportation resources to pick up the supplies.

Beware the Python Vine

Known as the python vine, the observer will catch the immediate parallel to a giant python snake wrapping itself around a tall tree. It has a wide trunk, wraps its host counter clockwise and bears numerous flowers when it is in season. Python vines are said to live as long as 200 years.

The Custom and Art of Conversation

 In Malawi, the art of conversation is vitally important. In most cases they want to get to know you before doing business. When you pass someone and greet them, they often think you are going to stop and talk with them, especially if you are a visitor to the country. They are interested in you and want to know more about you.

Balbao trees in the Valley of the Giants


Some of the greatest national treasure in Malawi are the giant baobab trees that punctuate the skyline in the lower Rift Valley, near the Shire River.


In a single 24-hour period tropical storm Anna inundated the area with over 250 mm of rainfall.

Hazard in lilongwe traffic

Someone may ask how many more mobility units and wheelchairs are going to be sent? The answer sits on the street in the traffic congestion of Lilongwe.

“And now the weather … Rain, Rain, Rain”

expectations for the next 30 days are rain at some point nearly every day.

It Takes More Than Good Intentions

“Hunger is increasing in the village and people are starving to death. We recently lost three elderly people who were coming to us for help.”

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