Incentive Programs

The Malawi Project strives to build sustainable programs and strives to reduce the dependency of Malawians. We do this by coupling our programs with incentives to reach program objectives as well as create an environment where Malawians take responsibility for program goals and eventually run the programs.

Incentive Shoe Programs

The Shoes for Trees and Shoes for Grades Programs provide shoes as an incentive to villagers and students to plant trees and get good grades in school. Over a quarter of a million trees and numerous high-performing students have been developed. We also used garden hoes in another successful incentive program to develop high-performing gardens.

Drip Irrigation Systems

in 2004 the Malawi Project, maize and soybeans, in order to process and feed more than 60,000 people a day. Not only does this provide increased food production (because in times of serious famine the plant has the capacity to process highly nutritious food for over 100,000 people a day.


Another program designed to create sustainability has been the development of the V-Tractor. This distinct farm tractor is designed for use in the unique farm conditions of sub-Saharan Africa, where minimal technical and engineering support is available for repair and upkeep.

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