• Rolling Out The Big Tent

    Dr. Joyce Banda made the arrival of Wilson Tembo and the team from Action for Progress a spectacular ceremony.

  • Dignity He Deserves

    Kanyandule Primary School, Lilongwe, Malawi … One thousand meters, or more than half a mile is the distance 18-year-old Tione Mphadwe crawls to get to and from school. For most people in first-world nations, this is hard to comprehend. No one crawls on the ground for a half-mile to get to school. In most cases, …

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  • A Blanket For Winter

    While there are jungles in Africa, the continent is so widespread that no single view can gather in all the variety of the 54 nations that constitute the whole of Africa.

  • Going without clothes and shoes

    Griven Kasalika, a member of the Action for Progress team relates the day they met Ireen Banda.

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