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Rhoda Paulo


In Malawi, decisions about what is good for the country are made by those financing the programs and the local people have little or no voice in the decisions. 


One of the early distribution points for mobility units from the Malawi Project and Mobility Ministries was the Chiladzulu District in Southern Malawi.

Final trailer and another successful year

The rain seemed to know when the trailer would reach Lebanon. This one would be the final shipment for 2021, and the ominous clouds were anything but reassuring.

Malaria is Still the Big Killer

In a recent speech at a media training session in Salima, the National Malaria Control Program Manager Dr. Michael Kayange disclosed that malaria is killing more people in Malawi than Covid-19. 

Tools for Mining

Surface Mining Possible

A little can go a long way in Malawi. One example is surface mining that takes place literally on the earth’s surface in the mountainous area near Lake Malawi.


Masks Reach Nationwide

The impact of COVID is felt especially acutely in nations with the lowest GDP who are already desperately short of medical supplies.

A delivery truck

Matching Funds Needed For Truck

Lilongwe, Malawi … Since the inception of Action for Progress* and the completion of the new warehouse in Lilongwe, the distribution of supplies has been hampered by the lack of adequate transportation capabilities.  Nine forty-foot shipping containers in 2020 and eight in 2021 create a formidable challenge to getting the supplies out of the warehouse in …

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Felix Mwale with wife

Joseph Project nets 50 tons of food

Madisi, Malawi … After a difficult start during the 2019-2020 planting season, the eighteen congregations (70 families) that formed the community farm co-op south of Madisi, known as Joseph Project 2, enlarged the number of participating churches to 120 for the 2020-2021 planting season.  In addition to the larger number of participants, Action for Progress created a …

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Hand Sanitizer Distribution

56,700 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer!

Hand sanitizer left Michigan City, Indiana early in the year and is now being distributed all over Malawi.

Big Tent for Mobility Presentation

Rolling Out The Big Tent

Dr. Joyce Banda made the arrival of Wilson Tembo and the team from Action for Progress a spectacular ceremony.

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