Polio’s Plague Still Haunts Malawi

Polio ravished the lives of massive numbers of people in Africa long after it was eradicated in the west.


The Malachite Kingfisher

You may find yourself simply amazed at this multiple-colored bird or surprised to see its fearless hunting skills.

Kamuzu International Airport

Airports in Malawi

There are 11 airports in Malawi with most offering only in-country or regional service.

Youth outside of the hospital

Youth Learning Servant Hearts

Recently the patients, staff, and family members at the Balaka District Hospital recently observed, not the worst, but the best in young people.

An airplane landing at an airport

Malawi Opens Borders

Malawi tourism has announced Malawi’s borders are reopening with immediate effect.

Single Unit with a Multiple Use

A new electric trike is about to make an impact on farmers in the central region of Malawi.

Bashiri with friends

A Lollypop Reason to Smile

Life is hard for the entire family, and they are seldom able to obtain enough food to complete a full day without feeling the pains of hunger.

Travel Restrictions to Malawi

The Safe Travel website lists a number of new restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Chrissie Kalamula Kanyasho and Chester Kabinda-Mbewe

Shipment Arrives Just in Time

The sanitizer has been earmarked for government hospitals and clinics that are critically short of supplies.

Shirley and her dogs

Tribute to Shirley

Shirley passed away on Saturday, July 17 after a lengthy illness. Her efforts to help people will not be forgotten. 

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