Two Giants Have Fallen

State of the Nation – Two Giants have been Struck Down     1st tree pictured on right – This giant Baobab tree fell across the main highway M-14 from Salima to Lilongwe during the rainy season of 2007. It was located 2 kilometers west of the Nkotakota – Salima intersection, and situated on the south […]

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Their Only Gift

A recent distribution of quilts and blankets, made in America, brought smiles, warm feelings and expressions of appreciation from a number of new mothers at the Lumbadzi Health Care Center north of the capital city of Lilongwe. The blankets were gifts from individuals and organizations in America that consistently make and send the quilts to

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The Cemetery that Kills People

Highway M-1 from Blantyre to Lilongwe is long, straight and by African standards a good, well-marked tarmac road. Only south of the mountainous area near Dedza does the road climb into the mountains and present the traveler with some sharp, snake like curves and turns as it crosses the mountain range south and west of

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Rice Beats “The Time of Famine”

                 Last year’s harvest is nearing an end and the new crops are still months away. It will soon be “the time of famine” and it arrives somewhere in Malawi almost every year between January and April before the new harvest can be gathered from the fields. Aid is Shifted When Tsunami Strikes Southeast Asia

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Handicapped Help Change Facility Image

Kuthandiza Osayenda Disability  Outreach Receives a Facelift     Recent assistance from the Malawi Project has helped improve the image of the Kuthandiza Osayenda Disability Outreach in Salima, Malawi. In August the Project extended a grant to Mr. George Chimpiko Banda in order for him to improve the image of the offices and work area of

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Solitary Man in a Solitary Place

Zuze Moyo –  A Solitary Man in the Dowa Valley     It is sometimes strange how your eyes will catch on a single person in a crowded place. Something about them gets your attention; perhaps their attractiveness, or perhaps their outgoing personality, or maybe it is simply because they are the only person directly in

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Like a Snake in the Bush No More

He was once a beloved soccer player in his village area of Dzoole Village. Even today he is a musician and artist. It was not always like this. Samuel Benzi has not always had to crawl on the ground like “a snake in the bush.” He is a fourth born of the seven children from

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Build A Library and Send a Book

     “I have been trying to figure a way to help in the educational system in Malawi for some time,” says Samatha Ludick, the owner of the Cool Runnings Resort on Lake Malawi. “Without education the people will always stand in the same spot where they are standing now. They can never move forward until

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Dzidaure Community Development Agency

The Dzidaure Project is another in a series of new programs being instituted throughout Malawi by the Malawi Project.     Near the sties that are currently under evaluation the Lintipe River rambles aimlessly through the area near the Trading Center that carries its name, but it offers only minimal assistance to the habitants of the

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Wheelchairs To Kamuzu Airport

Disabled Travelers Can Now Expect Assistance     Kamuzu International Airport, Malawi … One can hardly imagine a handicapped person arriving at an International Airport only to find no wheelchair available to assist them.  Until recently this was true in Malawi, Central Africa until the donation of seven wheelchairs to the Airport Authority from the Malawi

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