Balbao trees in the Valley of the Giants


Some of the greatest national treasure in Malawi are the giant baobab trees that punctuate the skyline in the lower Rift Valley, near the Shire River.


In a single 24-hour period tropical storm Anna inundated the area with over 250 mm of rainfall.

Hazard in lilongwe traffic

Someone may ask how many more mobility units and wheelchairs are going to be sent? The answer sits on the street in the traffic congestion of Lilongwe.

“And now the weather … Rain, Rain, Rain”

expectations for the next 30 days are rain at some point nearly every day.

It Takes More Than Good Intentions

“Hunger is increasing in the village and people are starving to death. We recently lost three elderly people who were coming to us for help.”

“I Will See Your Face” – Remembering Kasalika Banda

E. Kasalika Banda was committed 100% to his mission, no distraction could change his course from what he saw as God’s mission for his life.

Shattered Dreams Restored

Her entrance into the world was just one year before Malawi elected its first ever Vice-President, who would go on to become President three years later.

Making Baby Packs For Life

The nation of Malawi has an infant death rate of 35.3 and a maternal death rate of 349 per 100,000. This compares with 5.6 and 19.0 per 100,000 for the U.S.

Communion In A Bottle Cap

Rather than ask for help from outside, many of them have resorted to using bottle caps in place of the more expensive plastic communion cups.

Success of the Season

The rains stop, and by early to mid-May the harvest is collected by hand one row, and one field at a time.

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