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Valentine Waiti

A Blanket For Winter

While there are jungles in Africa, the continent is so widespread that no single view can gather in all the variety of the 54 nations that constitute the whole of Africa.

Maria Bernad

They called her name three times!

Griven Kasalika recalls the day they met 9-year-old Maria Bernad while distributing clothes to poor children in this far western district of Malawi.

Ron Pottberg and Robert Gabrielse

Pottberg Tours Production Facilities

Recently while traveling to Indiana for a Malawi Project (MP) board meeting Ron Pottberg took time to tour the mobility production facility in Demotte, Indiana.

Truck full of masks unloading

Two million masks reach malawi

Lebanon, Indiana … On July 2nd and 3rd 2021 members of the Malawi Project and a group of volunteers from Lebanon, Indiana loaded two 40-foot shipping containers (sea/land carriers) with nearly 2 million protective masks to assist Malawi hospitals to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Malawi is one of the poorest nations on earth and is facing …

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Youth outside of the hospital

Youth Learning Servant Hearts

Recently the patients, staff, and family members at the Balaka District Hospital recently observed, not the worst, but the best in young people.

Where There is no Store

Today’s visitors will be surprised to find almost no chain stores from outside the continent.

portion of the 5,000 orphan children gathered at the Mponela Trading Center a few years ago to receive food during the intense famine

Almost Half are Under 14!

0-14 years:  45.87% (male 4,843,107/female 4,878,983)        =      9,722,090 15-24 years:  20.51% (male 2,151,417/female 2,195,939)     =          4,347,356 25-54 years:  27.96% (male 2,944,936/female 2,982,195)     =        5,927,131 55-64 years:  2.98% (male 303,803/female 328,092)              =         631,895 65 years and over:  2.68% (male 249,219/female 318,938)  =             568,157 Pictured are a portion of the 5,000 orphan children gathered at the Mponela Trading Center a few years ago to receive food during the intense famine.

Fishing for cars

The Vehicle Drowned There!

A few days ago, a friend offered to take Wilson Tembo’s son back to school in Blantyre. (Wilson is the Executive Director for Action for Progress in Malawi). Wilson loaned him his car for the trip. The trip down was uneventful, but on the way back to Lilongwe the driver lost control of Wilson’s car …

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Group with Mobility

Mobility Unit Unlocks an Important Door

Senior Chief Chilowa Matambe’s Headquarters, Malawi … The vehicles moving quickly through the Malawi countryside brought the attention of passerby’s as they hastily made their way to their pre-arranged destination. Many could only wonder where they were going in such a hurry. Yet one could almost surmise their purpose since the front vehicle was loaded …

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Walmart Donates Protective Face Masks

Plainfield, Indiana … If you were told the donation equals 20% of the entire population of Malawi over the age of 24 would that get your attention?  One can hardly imagine the excitement when the offer was extended. The Indianapolis Distribution Center for Walmart had experienced an over-supply of protective face masks. They were offering …

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