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“This Thing is Awesome!”

The new bike prototype is the brainchild of Will Austin, the founder of the Institute for Affordable Transportation, an Indianapolis non-profit, a charitable group that constructs basic utility vehicles for emerging nations around the world.

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Retirement Does Not Mean “Stop”

Doug McDonald

Doug McDonald retired a few years ago from the restaurant business. It would have been easy for him to retreat to an easy chair, thinking his most productive days are behind him. Not so with Doug. If anything, he has speeded up his activities since retirement!

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Local Groups Join to Assist Malawi

“The reception we have received in the Lebanon community has been very exciting and totally unexpected. So many people are becoming involved in helping Malawi, and the interest level is exceptionally high.”

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Second of Three Containers in one Month

Shipment of supplies

A sign of relief arose from the group as Ken Keene, a newly appointed bookkeeper for the Malawi Project, attached the seal to the back door and signaled the time had come for the driver to pull away with the trailer contents, heading back to Chicago and the beginning of the 9,000-mile trip to Malawi.

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Dowa Receives Critically Needed Food

Malawian women

Wrapped in some of their most colorful clothing these Malawian women are ready to carry the critically needed food home to their families. Each is armed with a big smile that indicates the importance and value of what they have just received.

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Jerry Saw Opportunity Everywhere

Jerry Winstead reviewing supplies in Malawi

We met Jerry Winstead when he made his first trip to Malawi. He was a church elder and worked closely with Smith Howell, also an elder at the Goodman Oaks Church of Christ in Southaven, Mississippi. Both were committed supporters of the work in Malawi. Smith was older than Jerry and when we met, Smith…

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Community Rallies in Support

Trailer loading volunteers

Lebanon, Indiana … The central Indiana community of Lebanon has been viewed as a sleepy bedroom community for the larger capital city to its south, Indianapolis. While Indianapolis had a metropolitan population of more than two million in 2020, Lebanon was home to just over 16,000. Although much smaller in number, Lebanon’s outpouring of support…

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Jessie, Suzi and Cheryl transferring supplies for Malawi

Chicago, Illinois … The December morning was cold, overcast, and near freezing with the possibility of icing on the roadway. In spite of these conditions, the cars left southern Wisconsin and central Indiana in order to meet south of Chicago and transfer large bags filled with supplies for Malawi.  The bags included over 150 back-packs for…

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A 100 dollar bill

Lilongwe, Malawi — “A MORNING SHOWER”, “THUNDERSTORMS”, “MORNING RAINS”, “SHOWERS IN THE AFTERNOON”, “POSSIBLE STORMS”, “CLOUDY”, “RAIN”, … It’s that time of year in Malawi with rain predicted almost daily. Even I could be a reliable weather forecaster! For the next 5 months travel away from the main paved roads can be hazardous and should…

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