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Mobility Units

In late 2016 the first shipment of mobility units arrived in Malawi, and Ibrahima Imran of Matowe Village was the recipient of the first unit. It signaled an immediate growth, and more widespread focus on the need for a varied number of devises for those with mobility issues. The program quickly grew as Mobility Ministries of Demotte, Indiana, a division of Mobility Worldwide, headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, sprang into action to begin manufacturing units for distribution in Malawi. Over the next 12 months over 600 units were shipped from the Indiana plant.

The mobility unit adds a dimension that has gone unanswered earlier; that is, the ability of the person to transport goods in the unit, as well as being able to move themselves long distances without aid for another person. The three wheel units come with a wide array of replacement parts, and have an expected life of 10-years or more. Shipments are sent directly the production line in the Demotte plant, and arrive in Malawi ready to assemble and put into use. These units make it easier for the recipient to pursue their career, and to recognize a much higher degree of independence.


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