Agricultural Assistance

The Malawi Project has assisted in the creation of three major programs of agricultural development that are being carried out jointly between Malawians and Americans.
The first program is a program of crop irrigation through drip irrigation system technology. With this program thousands of drip irrigation systems have been sent into the country and installed on small family farms. Groups of farmer/trainers have been trained by American instructors and sent into the various regions of the country in order to train the village farmers in the proper installation and use of the drip irrigation systems.
The second program has been spawned because of the desire for drip systems in numbers that have thus far not been fulfilled through aid from the Malawi Project and other aid groups who have joined together to assist the farmers of Malawi. In this incentive program the farmers who are on a waiting list for drip systems have created raised plot irrigation farms with the use of watering cans and buckets. The incentives of this program include contests where clothing is awarded to farmers who raise the most successful crops, and the promise of drip systems to those farmers who create successful farms through the use of the watering cans and buckets.
The third program is one of the largest agricultural development programs in the nation. It calls for the use of a large man-made dam and lake to supply water for a massive agricultural program to be used for the training of hundreds of Malawi farmers a year. The site is located west of the Madisi Trading Center north of the capital city of Lilongwe in the central region of the country.
The project has the support of the University of Malawi, Bunda College of Agriculture Division as well as financial sponsorship from NuSkin Enterprises in Provo, Utah.