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Malawi Stories

Tomorrow I Will Go Home
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Editor’s Note: When young Nelson came in contact with the electric line near his school in Mponela it shot 220-volts of electricity through his body in a hit that should have meant certain death. In fact, when he reached Kamuzu … Read More

Speaker Warns: Worst Is Yet To Come
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Lilongwe, Malawi … The newspaper headline seemed to shout a warning, “Across Africa the Worst Food Crisis Since 1985 Looms for 50 Million People.” While the massive storm of suffering spreads across the continent the people of Malawi are faced … Read More

Hello, It’s The Prison Calling
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Thondwe, Malawi …The lack of food tops the news headlines daily. Prices are skyrocketing, when, and if, it can be found. Efforts to get staple grain often ends in fruitless frustration. Women with small babies on their back stand in … Read More

Trees for Good Health
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Salima, Malawi … Kuthandiza Osayenda Disability Outreach, or KODO for short, is usually recognized as a place to get a wheelchair, a set of crutches, or some other type of mobility device. It is also seen as a source for … Read More

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Lilongwe, Malawi … A few years ago the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimated that even in a good year 40 to 50% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa goes hungry, and the region, “is worse off nutritionally … Read More

Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Leader
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Senga Bay, Malawi … With school final exams less than a week away the Parachute Community Library is full to the doors. By all appearances one would have to conclude there are a large number of future leaders present, if … Read More