The Malawi Project is no longer receiving, processing, or shipping empty pill containers to Malawi. We have received over 2 ½ million containers. Please send all future shipments to: or

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Malawi Stories

You Can Use My House
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Chandiwo Village, Malawi … Wilson Tembo, Director of Warehouse and Distribution for the Malawi Project in his nation, comes from a small remote village in the Dowa District of central Malawi. Although he lives in housing supplied by the Namikango … Read More

Roads Are Getting Narrower
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Lilongwe, Malawi … “At first the term sounded a bit strange,” noted Dick Stephens, of the Malawi Project after returning to the country after a several month absence. “However, it didn’t take more than a couple of days before we … Read More

Pulling Out Of The Hole
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Lilongwe, Malawi … With an inflation rate running rampant, the devaluation of the Kwacha dropping rapidly, unemployment over 50%, a severe famine leaving village people suffering, and no resources in either the public or private sector strong enough to turn … Read More

We Have Gauze!
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Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe … Suzi Stephens RN and Marissa Scott, both with the Malawi Project, had been touring various floors and units at the Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe. This is the largest hospital in the country, a tier … Read More

If Someone Offered a Bag of Gold Bars
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Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe, Malawi … Nelson was stunned speechless when he turned slightly to the right, and over his right shoulder caught sight of Mama Cecelia Kadzamira, referred to by many as the mother of Malawi. She had come … Read More

Jaws of Hunger
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Lilongwe, Malawi … On Sunday 12 June 2016, the Nation Newspaper Sunday edition blasted this warning across its front page in large black letters; MORE CAUGHT IN THE JAWS OF HUNGER. This is nothing new to village people who are … Read More