Medical Supplies to Sierra Leone

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Indianapolis, Indiana … Suzi Stephens of the Malawi Project looks on as members of the Westfield Rotary Club load a pick up truck with medical supplies destined for Sierra Leone, Africa. This is the first such opportunity the Malawi Project has had to send supplies to this West African nation.

In the past four years the Project has shipped over $30,000,000.00 in medical supplies, equipment and medicine to Malawi each year. These supplies have been focused primarily on the government hospital system that is seriously short of medical support from the cash starved government medical system. Government rural hospitals, along with district and central hospitals, are often out or nearly out of supplies only partially through the month. Additional supply shipments are often not scheduled to arrive at these facilities for several more days. A major medical supply distribution has been established at the Namikango Maternity Hospital and Mission in the southern portion of Malawi.

The same supply short situation exists in most African nations, and the Malawi Project is reviewing options for assistance programs in a number of other African nations, including the west African nation of Sierra Leone.

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