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Chester Kabinda-Mbewe

It is one thing for those of us working in Malawi to tell others what we see as our goals, and give reports that indicate the success taking place, as we work to reach those goals. It is a very different thing when you can see the work from the eyes of a successful Malawi businessman and church leader.

It is from the words of Chester Kabinda-Mbewe in Blantyre, Malawi that you can learn the value and importance of this work from the eyes of a Malawian. Chester is a church elder in the largest congregation of the church of Christ in the nation, and President of the Fiber-Optics Division of the Malawi Electric Company. He is a world traveler, and serves, not only as a church leader and businessman but as the Chairman of Action for Progress, working side by side with the Malawi Project for the good of the nation. Here is his observation:

“The Malawi Project is probably the only organization in Malawi that focuses on the needs of a person by transforming that person from dependency to independence. The Malawi Project does not stop at that point but continues to transform that person to be a tool in transforming other people. In other words, Malawi Project is the only organization in Malawi that empowers the locals and makes them ready for their future. “

Chester Kabinda-Mbewe – Chairman
Board of Directors, Action for Progress

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