A pair of villagers walking up a dirt road toward some cattle.

Travel in Malawi is especially safe compared with many other destinations, and most crime is confined to petty theft. Although there are few paved roads, the system of tarmac roads is strategically placed to make travel easy from city to city, traversing beautiful countryside and moving easily through trading centers and past mud-hut African villages that remain captured in time just as they 100 years ago. International flight connections are easily available for flights into Blantyre and Lilongwe daily, and smaller regional and local flights arranged for a number of smaller airports. Read more about travel in Malawi

Travel Stories

  • Malawi’s Southern Region

    The southern region of Malawi, covering approximately 1/3 of the country is the most developed and holds the highest population.

  • The Nile Crocodile

    “You must remain seated in the boat at all times, and you must not put your hands in the water. Do not stand up because if you fall in the water, I cannot come in to rescue you…”

  • Kingfisher

    The Malachite Kingfisher

    You may find yourself simply amazed at this multiple-colored bird or surprised to see its fearless hunting skills.

  • Kamuzu International Airport

    Airports in Malawi

    There are 11 airports in Malawi with most offering only in-country or regional service.

  • An airplane landing at an airport

    Malawi Opens Borders

    Malawi tourism has announced Malawi’s borders are reopening with immediate effect.

  • View Through the Eyes of a Doctor

    I drive to my workplace, but my clients walk from their homes, going up and down some hills and valleys to the clinic. Some have to leave their homes as early as 4:30 a.m. in order to arrive at the clinic at 8:00 a.m.

  • Impala running

    Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!

    There is no creature that comes within sight of a visitor’s camera that is more beautiful and graceful than the sleek, brown, fast-running impala.


    Lumbadzi, Malawi … She was nearing 80 years of age when we first met, and, in spite of her age, she was responsible for the care of eight grand-children and great-grandchildren. The HIV-Aids crisis in Malawi has robbed the nation of a vast number of its “middle generation,” leaving grandparents, and even great grandparents to …


  • Shire


    With our breakfast complete we fall in behind our guide and make our way down the long stone path toward waters edge. Our guide’s name is “Danger,” and we are hopeful his name has nothing to do with his ability to successfully navigate the small boat in these crocodile-infested waters. We have seen enough stories …


  • People walking on both sides of a road


    The Need for Bicycles Lilongwe, Malawi … Imagine your home is well out in the country, away from the city in a small cluster of houses, containing 75 to 150 residents. Imagine that not one family owns, or has access to a car, truck, bus or other motorized vehicle.  Imagine your home is 20 miles from the nearest trading …

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