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Sankhani Primary School, Malawi … The Sankhani School has 1,335 students and is located just east of the Action for Progress distribution center west of Lilongwe. Each day children see the trucks coming and going, delivering needed supplies free to hospitals, clinics, prisons, schools, churches, and community groups all over the nation. These are supplies that the Malawi Project can source free across the U.S. and Canada and send to Action for Progress for distribution to the most needed areas of the country.

While a small middle class is developing around the capital the area around this school is still very poor. This fact is obvious when you realize that students cannot afford school uniforms, supplies or even a sack or bag in which to carry their textbooks. Families simply cannot afford these “luxuries.” While families want their children to exceed in their studies the school administration of this primary school is also doing their part to offer incentives and rewards to the best performing students. Action for Progress, with aid assistance from the Malawi Project is also focused on helping young people succeed and develop an independent mind set to establish a successful future.

One of star performer

When the AfP team arrived at the school it was for the purpose of distributing badly needed school supplies to the students. This shipment contained backpacks gathered and donated by Cheryl Wagner, a Walmart employee from Monroe, Wisconsin. ( On this day the delivery of these supplies was so important the entire student body was brought together for the event 

In his remarks to the gathering, Mr. Cheyo the school’s headmaster introduced the visitors and reminded the students that it was this same group who came just a week before to deliver textbooks to the school. “I cannot address everything Action for Progress is doing, but I can talk about what they are doing in the area of education,” he said. “Just a week ago this group came with textbooks for us, but it was not only here they visited. That time they visited 10 other schools in the Njerwa area. If this is not good work, then someone must tell me what is.”

Next on the program was Griven Kasalika, a member of the Action for Progress team. He encouraged the students to excel in their studies and reminded them that AfP is committed to having a good relationship with the school and its student body and helping them along in their education. 

Next, it was time for the best performing 24 students to step forward. One by one their names were called. They stepped forward to receive their rewards. Not only did they each receive a brand, new backpack, but each backpack contained pencils, candy, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and assorted bathing accessories. 

The next day a member of the AfP team passed the school and overheard a group of children. They pointed at him and said, “He is the one who brought those gifts. Hey sir, please don’t forget us next term. We will all work hard.”

For sure, a mark has been left in the lives of these children to exceed and be successful.

Masthead Picture: Mr Cheyo, headmaster, an award-winning student, and two members of the Action for Progress team, Mrs. Mtisunge and Griven Kasalika. Middle right picture: Another of the award-winning students.

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one of star performer
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