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Lilongwe, Malawi … The story appeared on the Malawi Project website in March after Wilson Tembo was driving in intense traffic in the capital city of Lilongwe and saw Madalitso Banda crawling through near impossible traffic congestion. Referred to as, “Crawling Near Death’s Door”( the story of Madalitso is all too common in a nation where the results of polio are still quite evident, and cerebral malaria takes a devastating toll on its victims.


While a new mobility unit has given Madalitso Banda the opportunity to get up off the ground and move about with dignity and pride of accomplishment there are still far too many like him that are still crawling in the dirt and dust.


You can help give dignity, pride, and success to a Malawians when you extend a hand to help him or her get up out of the dirt, dust, and mud. Write a check today, or go to the Malawi Project web site, and program a contribution:

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