Kasungu, Malawi… Childbirth always brings excitement in every home, community, or country. This is so because we believe that a child is a precious gift from God. Whenever a family is expecting a child, there are always preparations in terms of what is needed in the hospital when a woman is about to give birth, especially for the newborn. However, it has been noticed that some expectant women do not have enough or even starter packs when they are about to give birth such that it becomes worrisome to both the doctors and the women themselves knowing that some expectant women have nothing for welcoming the newly born children.

The Action for Progress team recently visited Kasungu District Hospital, about 660 miles north of the capital city of Lilongwe, where they distributed baby packs to expectant mothers. The women could not hide their excitement upon receiving the baby packs. They never in their life expected to be gifted such good things.

Dalitso Kapalamula, an expectant mother, who also received a baby pack from Action for Progress, was all smiles as she received the gift. 

“I am so excited, and I never thought I could receive such a beautiful baby pack as I wait to welcome my baby. I just came to the hospital normally for Antenatal service and I never thought to meet with such an opportunity. I have found a starter pack, and my baby will be welcomed in beautiful clothing, I am so lucky to be among the recipients and this will help a lot.”

Kapalamula just like any other pregnant mother was coming for antenatal when she learned of the gifts that Action for Progress brought to the hospital. That is why she was “over the moon” and thought it was worth it to come earlier to the hospital because an early bird always catches a worm and she indeed caught hers.

Doris Mwafulirwa the matron for the maternity wing, commended the gifts from Action for Progress,  

“This will ease some of the challenges women face when they are about to give birth. some come for their delivery without anything, even a simple basin. These baby packs help many women even when they come without a starter pack. I believe this will not be the end of these distributions by you people, but rather it is the beginning of reaching many pregnant women in various hospitals.” 

Action for Progress, a faith-based organization, provides aid assistance to the poor, needy, elderly, and helpless people in the society in the areas of health, education, disability, agriculture, and food security among others.  This is made possible with support from the sister organization, the Malawi Project.

Pictured are the expectant mothers who came to the Kasungu Hospital and shared the excitement of receiving baby packs for their upcoming delivery.

Report by: Lezina Dankein

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