Yobu MkamwaYobu Mkamwa

 Ngabu, Southern Malawi … With a wide grin and expression of disbelief Yobu Mkamwa rested his head on the new mobility unit. His! It was his. He could hardly believe what was happening. “I will now be able to go and worship, visit friends, and watch a football game”, Yobu observed.


Yobu made note of the fact God had, “by design” made man with legs for a purpose. But for him there had been no hope for a workable solution. He had been born with this disability, both legs deformed, short and unusuable, and coming from such a poor area, and having a village and family that could not help him Yobu could see only a bleak, dark future. Now the bright red, blue and purple mobility unit made all things possible, thanks to the folks at the Demotte, Indiana mobility production plant, Wilson Tembo, and the Malawi Project, all of whom worked together to make this moment possible.


As Yobu pulled out on the main path and was passing a young man on a bicycle the young man turned to look at his new means of transportation. Few people in Malawi have ever seen such a device. In the future many heads will turn as Yobu smilingly hand peddles his way into his future.


Reported by Wilson Tembo, Malawi Project



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