Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!

Impala running

Malawi game parks are scattered strategically around the country and most are teeming with animals. From a herd of elephants to a pride of lions, from threatening Cape buffalo to lumbering rhinoceros, from the colorful Behm’s bee-eater to the tiny Pied kingfisher, from Kudu to Heron, the list goes on and on. However, there is no creature that comes within sight of a visitor’s camera that is more beautiful and graceful than the sleek, brown, fast-running impala. 

            If you put the word impala in your Google search you may get something like this, “Why does my Impala run hot?” That is not the impala we are referring to as that one is a car that wishes to mimic the sleek design and fast running characteristics of the forest animal in Central Africa. Known for its ability to clock speeds of 50 miles an hour, while at the same time following a zig-zag course, the impala (the animal that is) is impressive by any standard.

            The male impala stands approximately 33 to 39 inches (84 to 99 centimeters) in height and weighs between 88 and 168 pounds (40 to 76 kg). They travel in herds, and because they are a favorite main dish for lion and leopard, they are ever alert placing vigilant lookouts all around the edges of the herd.

            As we look back at the title of this article, perhaps we must confess the impala does not move faster than a speeding bullet, but at 50 miles an hour or 80.5 kilometers, they are moving across your camera view pretty fast!

            On your next trip to Malawi be sure to take a day or two off from your work and visit one of the countries impressive game parks.

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