Lebanon, Indiana … The first 40-foot shipping container of the year rolled out of Lebanon, Indiana on Thursday 16 March around noon, destined for Malawi. Three other loads were being arranged one in Arkansas, another in northern Indiana and yet another in Michigan. As the Lebanon shipment, filled with educational materials, medical supplies, and agricultural systems, boarded the train for Norfolk, Virginia and the ocean-going container ship that will carry it to Malawi, the second container was being filled in Ft Smith, Arkansas. It left for Malawi on 20 March Monday, filled with medical supplies and equipment. 

Two days later a 40-foot container of mobility units was loaded and departed from the mobility factory in Demotte, Indiana on 23 March. 

A fourth shipment, this one filled with bleach for hospitals is being prepared in Michigan and will be on the road shortly. 

A medical shipment that will be flown into Malawi to address the emergency caused by cyclone Freddy is also being arranged. 

To help with shipment costs and distribution in Malawi please make your contributions at or send a check to Malawi Project Inc, 2421 Golfside Drive, Lebanon, IN 46052

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