Holding Package

Holding PackageSenga Bay, Malawi … His story has inspired companies, not-for-profits, churches, and individuals across the U.S. to gather those extra, often unused, hand tools, box them, and send them for distribution in Malawi. His name is Wadson Sumani, and he and his wife, Judith retired from teaching in the government system, and then they took on the challenge of starting a school, and a carpentry-training center in their home. Wadson’s carpentry shop was featured in stories and flyers from the Malawi Project designed to reflect the need for hand tools for Malawi.

Over 2,000 tools

The immediate result of the hand tool campaign was over 2,000 hand tools donated to be sent to carpentry shops, small businesses, churches, hospitals, schools and community development groups in Malawi. Tools arriving in Malawi are already being distributed, and one of the first to receive additional tools for his trade school.

Wilson Tembo, from the Malawi Project, stopped by Wadson’s Senga Bay workshop to deliver needed tools. He lists the tools happily delivered to Wadson.

The equipment included; power saws, jigsaw, power drill, coping saw, measuring tape, chisel, spokeshaves, and orbital sanders. Additionally for Judith’s school was a large number of school supplies.

The collection of hand tools for Malawi continues and can be sent to Malawi Project, 3314 Van Tassel Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana. The Project, in turn, will ship them to Malawi, and distribute them to groups who need them.

Distribution report by Wilson Tembo

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