Hazard in lilongwe traffic

Lilongwe, Malawi . It is hard to imagine how this mobility-challenged person can long survive in the congested traffic of the capital. Yet he does, or at least he does for now! Alert drivers swerve to miss him as he continues to plead with each one who passes to give him something to eat. He has little choice. Without some form of mobility such as the mobility units the Malawi Project and Mobility Ministries are supplying, he will continue day after day to make his way to the crowded streets of the city. There he will sit in the traffic and beg for enough food for another day.

   As the Malawi Project and its sister organization, Action for Progress, pass the total of over 4,000 wheelchairs, and close to 2,000 mobility units, someone may ask how many more are going to be sent? The answer sits on the street in the traffic congestion of Lilongwe. The Malawi Project, Mobility Worldwide, and Action for Progress will continue to send units until there is no one with mobility issues sitting in the middle of the street.

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