If She Were My Child

if_she_were_mine“What if this were my daughter,” I wondered to myself as I studied the face and features of this small, malnourished child in southern Malawi?

“Pictures come in from all over Malawi day after day, but this one captured my attention,” recalls Richard (Dick) Stephens of the Malawi Project. “While I am extremely pleased with the shipments of medicine Kristy (World Emergency Relief), and Shirley (Universal Aide Society), have made possible, because I know that most recent shipment very well may have saved this little girl’s life, I can’t help wondering how many other children are in the same condition. Obviously if medicine and nourishing food had not been made available … well, I just don’t want to think about it.

“The question lodges in my heart beside the picture of this sick, malnourished, child, ‘What if this were my child or your child?’ I am sure both of us would move heaven and earth in an attempt to help her.”

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