Tick, Tick, Tick, The Minutes Down

Indianapolis, Indiana … If this were a Hollywood western, it would have been “high noon.” Had it been a manufacturing deadline it may have been referred to as “just in time delivery.” If it had been the arrival of an important delegation it might have been described as arriving “at the last possible moment.”

However you describe it, the final payment on the distribution hub was scheduled to be wired to Malawi on Monday, and time was slowly ticking away while the Malawi Project was still $2,400.00 away from the goal. That may seem like a small amount compared with the over $220,000.00 goal before the land was purchased, and the distribution hub constructed, but still coming as it was at the last minute it was still a sizeable amount of money. Most major contributors had already donated all they could on the building, and all but one of the board members had committed to putting in their remaining contributions for the rest of the calendar year 2019. That one member, who had been out of the country when the decision was made, sent word he would put in $1,000.00.

The goal was down to $1,400.00, but the board was almost out of time. The main fund-raising team was in Tennessee to do a Malawi presentation that did not include a financial appeal, and no one else had contacts that could make it happen at the last minute.

On Sunday afternoon the report went out from the treasurer; to everyone’s surprise, more money had come in and the fund was within $775.00 of the needed amount; so close and yet still so far. Time was running out. Then Louise, an 88-year-old Christian from Johnson City, Tennessee stepped forward with her checkbook. She and her husband Roger were ready to solve the problem. A check for the exact amount was written in the late evening, and the funding total was reached, just 12 hours from the deadline. Word went out to the Malawi Project Board of Directors, and major contributors that the total had been reached, and the wire transfer was completed. In time to meet the deadline. Everyone credited God with making this happen, and it has brought new meaning to the term, “just in time delivery.”

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