“The place where you lose the trail is not necessarily the place where it ends.”  – Tom Brown Jr

Lezina Dankein, reporting for Action for Progress observes that “Kolesi Phiri, a 50-year-old second-hand shoe salesman was able to make a good living until the accident that deprived him of his ability to get around.” 

Kolesi, the subject of her report, lived in Katsabola Village near Lilongwe under the Traditional tribal jurisdiction of Chitukula.  She continues,

“Everything was going well until the sudden and tragic accident that caused Kolesi to lose both legs. Despite the tragic and life-changing accident, he expresses his heartfelt thanks to God for life itself.” 

“When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep walking.” – Sarah Jessica Parker

As with most of us, Kolesi was born with both legs functioning as they should, and he never thought he would meet a tragedy that would leave him losing both legs. Up until “that day” he lived as any other normal human being. He was successful in his nearly 14-year-old business of selling second-hand shoes . That all ended suddenly when he was in a car accident. Despite his difficult situation Phiri is quick to say, “I thank God for saving my life, and even though I will never walk again, at least I am alive.”

A neighbor, Mrs. Philimon has helped to take care of him since the accident. For both, it is hard because they are neighbors and not related. Mrs. Philimon is quick to agree, “To feed, cloth, and carry him around has been challenging, but it is also difficult to bathe him., not being related and all. I am relieved knowing he will now be able to go back to work in his business.

Kolesi held the Bible close that had been given to him along with the mobility unit. He said he had always struggled to learn the Bible as he had never possessed one. He complimented Action for Progress and those across the ocean who made these gifts possible.

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