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Lilongwe, Malawi … With the rain clouds threatening the plush, green landscape with another day of torrential rain the workers with the big orange truck owned by Gimm Holdings PVT Limited set out to drill a borehole (water well) on the land that will house AfP operations.


Acquired in October 2018 by Action for Progress to house the headquarters and major distribution hub for nationwide aid operations, this facility will signal a major milestone for the Malawi Project and Action for Progress by having Malawi management, oversight and distribution of the supplies coming into the country. The well drilling operation has been successful in spite of threatening rains. Water was soon flowing up from the ground, as was water coming down from the clouds above.


“The success of this effort by Action for Progress to move forward on development of the land site during the rainy season is commendable,” according to Dick Stephens, co-founder of the Malawi Project. “Our hats are off to them in their desire to move forward at this time.”


Rainfall varies with the elevation and location. Lilongwe, in the central region, has an average rainfall of 900mm or 35 inches, which is comparable to Indianapolis, Indiana. Unfortunately, Malawi’s rainfall is almost entirely received in just five months, often resulting in flooding, with little rain during the rest of the year.


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