Little Dresses for Little Girls

Ann Arbor, Michigan … The exciting story aired on NBC News nationwide in early 2011, and its mission touched those who saw it. It was the story of a Michigan Christian who had traveled to Malawi and observed the little girls who had no dresses. Rachel O’Neil determined to come back to the U.S. and do something to get dresses to those little girls. She started talking to friends, churches, and anyone who might be interested. Dresses starting coming in, and Rachel started sending them to Malawi by-way-of others who were traveling to Malawi. Dresses Provided from "Little Dresses for Africa

Then the story hit the nightly news, and it touched the hearts of people all over the nation. The story opened the door to a massive outpouring of new dresses. Boxes and packages started pouring in. Rachel admits the outpouring nearly overwhelmed her fledging organization at first. But her dreams and plans quickly started catching up with the inflow of dresses. She has realized the opportunity is now available to send dresses by the 40-foot trailer load. That means, on each shipment, an estimated 45,000 dresses can make their way to villages, trading centers, and cities all over Malawi.

After learning about Rachel’s program members of the Malawi Project traveled to Michigan to meet with Rachel, and one of her co-workers, to discuss a co-operative effort where both organizations can work together in the shipping and distribution of thousands of dresses.

Plans are now underway to identify the best course to take to get the first shipment to Malawi, and distributed. In the picture Suzi Stephens of the Malawi Project, looks over dresses Rachel has ready to send to Malawi.  Learn more about  Little Dresses for Africa Here.


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