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MBC Receives Wheelchairs For The Needy

Blantyre, Malawi … Blantyre is Malawi’s commercial center, and it is located 311 kilometers (193 miles) south of the capital city of Lilongwe. It is also 45 minutes south-southwest of the Namikango Mission.

MBC-TV Reach Out and Touch receives Wheelchairs from the Malawi Project

Wheelchairs Provided for distribution to MBC-TV's "Reach Out and Touch"

MBC (Malawi Broadcasting Corporation)-TV is the only television broadcasting station in the nation, having begun operations on April 1, 1999. The station has recently launched a program, “Reach out and Touch,” which is designed to link needy Malawians with medical attention from international health facilities. These people approach the TV station for assistance. In response, the TV beams programs that highlight their plight so others can help them.

More and more people were coming to the station and requesting wheelchairs for their relatives. The station had no idea where they could get wheelchairs, since none are manufactured in the country. The cost of a wheelchair is beyond the reach of most people. The answer to the requests wasn’t far away since the needs had reached the Mission.

Because of the assistance of the Malawi Project, and with them joining hands with the Free Wheelchair Mission in order to bring wheelchairs to Malawi ten wheelchairs were quickly dispatched to the station for distribution.

In her remarks the TV’s Public Relations officer, Ruth Matitha Gama, said, “this is a demonstration of Christianity, and concern for the underprivileged”. She added the wheelchairs would be distributed to those who came to the station for such assistance. She applauded the efforts by the Malawi Project and Free wheelchair Mission for the donation that has been extended to poor people in rural areas.

Bisani Mphongolo of Namikango Mission assured the station of continued assistance because everyone can see the results of the station’s program. “As a church organization we have the responsibility to help people through this program. It is serving very needy people of the country.” With those remarks he turned over the 10 wheelchairs to the station for distribution.

– Richard Stephens & Wilson Tembo

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