Need for a Strong Infrastructure

Ships with containers in the ocean

The U.S. is currently struggling with the bottleneck of container ships in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. This is indicative of what happens when countries are not ready or unable to handle a surprise influx of goods, or when the infrastructure is not capable of handling the traffic. The same type of problem, only on a much smaller scale, could confront Action for Progress and the Malawi Project if care is not given to the access and signage necessary for smooth operations. 

Road sign reading Action For Progress

Through the efforts of the Malawi Project and Action for Progress, and an increasing number of volunteers and contributors, the work in Malawi continues to grow. This means more and more medical, educational, agricultural shipments are reaching the distribution hub west of Lilongwe. Nine 40-foot shipping containers reached the warehouse in 2020, and eight 40-foot shipping containers, including a full container of hand sanitizer and 2 containers of protective masks will have been dispatched to Malawi during 2021.

Roads outside the cities of Malawi often do not have street names or house numbers It can be nearly impossible to find your way unless you know the location ahead of time. This means drivers bringing supplies into the country need clear signs of their destination, as well as safe and easy access to the warehouse property. Having a 40-foot trailer stuck in the mud in the middle of the property is not something that can be easily dwelt with.

These needs call for easy-to-read signage near the access road, as well as safe driveway surfaces up to the warehouse. This is critical for the arrival and unloading of large semi containers. It is especially critical during torrential rains that begin in a short time. The driveway surface is currently under construction, and a large sign near the road indicates the driver has arrived.

After the construction of the driveway, the next infrastructure project will be a much-needed protective fence or wall around the distribution hub. 

Driveway construction
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