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Lilongwe, Malawi. It started with Action for Progress working alongside the former President, Dr. Joyce Banda, by providing her foundation with mobility units for the needy. The staff at Action for Progress were invited to attend the handing-over ceremony at her residence. Also among those in attendance were members of the Chisomo Orphanage and The Elderly, a community assistance organization based in Lilongwe.

Chisomo Orphanage started in 2017, led by Bernard Chinkhasu. Today it has 63 registered children, of which 16 have disabilities. It also supports several elderly people. While attending the turning-over ceremony, Action for Progress members learned more about the mission and objectives of the orphanage. There were many parallels between the two groups. During the discussion, the team learned the orphanage were running short of enough food and clothing to keep up with their needs. It was also noted that many of the children did not have proper clothing and that they had to wear torn clothes to go to school. Action for Progress immediately took steps to help with the problem.

The staff at Action for Progress gathered a large amount of clothing and maize and traveled to the orphanage. As the names were called one by one, the older ones came to obtain their allotment of maize. Many were so weak they could hardly carry it away. One older woman came slowly forward, led by a young boy. She carried a walking stick, and it was quickly evident she was blind. Wilson Tembo from AfP walked over to where she was sitting. Her name is Chrissy Jamestala, and she is from the Lilongwe district. As a mother of three, she must depend on her children to see for her. Life is extremely difficult when there is little help for her or her family. Though her face remained serious, she expressed her deep joy and appreciation for the support given to her and her children. She was just one. There are so many.

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