Lilongwe, Malawi … Here is an opportunity for you to help create a secure location for the supplies arriving in the distribution hub near Lilongwe. By contributing to the construction of a secure wall around this new facility, three additional things will occur:

  • You will be supporting a carver who is trying to establish a self-sufficient business to support his family
  • You will have a hand carved memento from Malawi
  • You will be able to open envelopes and packages much easier

It is not often one contribution goes so far and gives so much.

The need for a protective wall around the distribution hub goes without question. Most of the surrounding neighborhood earns $100.00 or less in an entire year. Having millions of dollars in donated supply assistance in a building without a secure wall is quite tempting for those living a day by day existence.

Leaving the distribution building completely unobstructed from the main road all the way to the front door, leaves even the security people vulnerable. The supplies that have been donated from around the world need to be secure while they await distribution to locations throughout Malawi. The rains will begin in late October, and it is essential that a wall around the outer perimeter of the property be constructed before that time.

For a contribution of $100.00 or more, postmarked or electronically registered between August 1 and September 1, 2020, a hand carved letter opener will be sent to you, along with the story of the carver who hand produced the opener. Please act right away because the supplies are limited and only the first 100 can be accommodated with the letter opener.

To make your donation please go to:

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