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Indianapolis, Indiana … With the last day of June safely in the rear-view mirror, the construction of the Distribution Center in Malawi moves into its final month. With it looms the final two payments for the construction. By the end of July, the building is projected to be completed, and the final contract payments will have been submitted.


With its completion, the Malawi Project and Action for Progress can turn their attention to the shipment and distribution of nearly 3 complete forty-foot containers that have backed up in storage facilities in central Indiana. (With the construction it has been necessary to halt shipments for several months until the distribution site can be readied for the expansion of services to the poor).


In recent days funding has passed the $110,000.00 mark. The Project board is pleased to express its appreciation to the staff and management at Cornerstone Advertising in Westfield, Indiana for their donation of campaign awareness to the needs, through the 30 in 30 Campaign that asked contributors to give $30.00 in the 30 days of June.


The continued encouragement and financial support of contributors worldwide are definitely making a difference. Just a little more from each of you, and the goal will be reached.

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