Lebanon, Indiana … Each year since 2014 the Malawi Project has received its highest recommendation from GREAT NONPROFITS, the leading platform for community-sourced stories about nonprofits.

The way it works is when a designated number of positive recommendations are submitted for a particular nonprofit before October 31 each year, that nonprofit is recognized for its achievement. 

We are asking those who know of our work, our intent, and our mission to take a couple of minutes and go to the Great Nonprofits site. Observe what others are saying about the work of the Malawi Project, and please put your own observations on the site.

  1. Pull up the site at: ( ). 
  2. Click on the Share Your Story orange box.
  3. Read what others are saying, and then put your own observations in the box.

That will do it. Thanks much for your help, encouragement, and support. Remember, this has to be done before October 31. That’s not far away.

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