Shipley Continues Service To Africa

    Many people seek ways to assist the people of Malawi. This interest often lasts for a short period of time then they move on to the next point of interest. It is unusual in any international aidDaniel receives congratulations from Richard Stephens, Director of the Malawi Project. setting to find those who get involved for the long term and remain committed to one place year in and year out. One of those who has committed themselves to the nation of Malawi for the long term is Daniel Shipley of Knoxville, Tennessee. Daniel and his parents, Dean and Jamie, have been involved in Malawi for years. Read the beginning of the story of Daniel raising support for the shipment of raisins to the children of Malawi in the story of  “The Heart of a Daniel.”

Today Daniel Shipley continues faithfully to raise support and supplies as he makes presentations on behalf of the children of Malawi. He encourages those with whom he is in contact to give a dollar, or things that are badly needed in the fourth poorest nation in the world. He then purchases the goods, packages them for the shipment and sends them on the way to Indianapolis for inclusion on the next shipment. His business cards that he hands to all who will take them, and the poster board presentations that he presents to all who will listen call for such things as toothbrushes, toothpaste, vitamins, disposable rubber gloves, cough drops, soap, and shampoo. For the school needs of the children who hold a special interest with Daniel he calls for the contribution of folders, rulers, pencils, pens, paper, paper clips, color pencils, and markers.

Daniel and his parents recently made a trip from Knoxville to Indianapolis to deliver a load of supplies to go on the next trailer destined for Malawi. The following Sunday morning Daniel was awarded an African carving and hand painted picture of Africa during a ceremony at the Green Valley Church of Christ in appreciation for his dedicated service to Africa.

Loading Medical Supplies   Loading Medical Supplies...more   More loading....   Daniel receives reward for service to the people of Malawi.


Poster raising funds for medical supplies for Malawi.

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