Students Study at MIBI

mibi_studentsDedza, Malawi … Students look the same around the world. Studious, focused, attentive and committed. The picture shows the first students at the new MIBI campus in Dedza, Malawi. The school got underway a few weeks ago after Priestly Nkhonjera completed his training to be the school administrator of the new school. For two years he and his family studied and prepared for the job at the Sunset International School in Lubbock, Texas. He was chosen for the task by a group of Malawi church leaders in conjunction with the eldership of the Green Valley Church of Christ in Noblesville, Indiana.

The Malawi Project assisted with funding for the program, and in the procurement of nearly 200 acres of land a few kilometers north of the Dedza Trading Center. Additionally, funding to build a maize mill for the local villages was made available on a portion of the land for the school. Nearby the Malawi Project and a local Malawi organization, Dzidalire Group, are planning to construct a medical clinic to assist the area near the Mozambique border.

Elias Mwale, who has worked with the Malawi Project for a number of years recently joined the staff at MIBI.

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